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It's Whiskey Day! Again

Tue, May 16, 23
An email for a suggested marketing campaign came in to my inbox last week with the title: National Whiskey Day. I thought this was strange because this momentous holiday had surely just happened. Actually May 20 is World Whiskey Day, not to be confused with International Whiskey Day. That was March 21.
It's easy to get mixed up. National Bourbon Day is June 14, National Moonshine Day is just around the corner and we're already in the middle of American Craft Beer Week!
drinkdays.com has found at least 88 different days, weeks, or months dedicated to the celebration of some form of alcohol all over the globe. Of course some of these are about as official as a marketing campaign. Others have more meaning, like the celebration of the Beaujolais Nouveau in France each November which coincides with the release of wine from that year's harvest. 
As we approach the final weekend of May, the urge to get out and party is irresistible; especially after a long Colorado winter. A three-day weekend is calling you outside. It's summertime! 
Of course you know what the holiday on the last Monday of May is called. It used to be known as Decoration Day. On May 30, 1868 over 5,000 participants decorated the graves of more than 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Over the last century and a half that cemetery has swelled to the point that it practically brushes up against the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. 
Soldiers continue to pay the ultimate sacrifice for this country and others. We want to remember the Marines that perished when two helicopters collided in Kentucky during training as well as those who lost their lives in Norway while deployed for a recent NATO exercise. 
 It's a privilege to be able to sell our products and enjoy our time in America. There is always an excuse to party. But there is only one Memorial Day and it's up to you how much you should remember that. 
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By Matt Hagerman